Hotel La Union Facade

Hotel La Union in Cienfuegos City

Hotel La Union rises majestic and captivating in the heart of the historical center of the Cienfuegos City, old "Fernandina de Jagua", colony been founded by Louis D'Clouet and other French colonists in 1819.

It is located exactly in Street 31 Esq AT 54, Cienfuegos to a side of the Boulevard, to alone a block of the Martí park, distant some scarce 7 kms of the international airport and to 253 km of the Havana City.

Hotel La Union Facade

During the course of those more than 130 years after their foundation in 1869 in the Hotel La Union has stayed important historical figures of different times.

As the Spanish General Captain of the Island Arsenio Martínez Campos, the Cuban patriot Juan Gualberto Gómez and the chess player José Raúl Capablanca, among other.

After long years of deterioration and later constructive and restoration intense works, the establishment recovered its splendor.

Hotel La Union Facade

In July of the 2000 that the Hotel La Union was inaugurate for second occasion.

The Hotel La Union offers an astonishing view of the city and the bay from its terrace La Venus Negra, an ideal place of the time to pass with friends at the end of the day.

From the Hotel La Union the visitor can star his journey for Cienfuegos.

Hotel La Union Facade

To admire their neoclassical and colonial architecture through constructions as The Terry Theater (1890) for whose scenario passed Enrico Caruso, nonpareil Anna Pavlova and Sarah Bernhardt.

The beautiful Palacio Ferrer, Boulevard and the Paseo del Padro, among other attractions that will allow them to lean out when flowing of the daily life

Hotel La Union Facade

When staying in Hotel La Union, you will feel in a place where they melt, the neoclassical style and the kindnesses of a modern and refined service. It is an excellent example of the so looked for integration culture-tourism.

It has an art gallery, but mainly knew how to rescue and to recreate the local culture in each one of their facilities.

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